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Thank you all for your continued support on this project! I hope you've enjoyed the story so far! <3

Even though the comic isn't going to update for the rest of the month, I will be working on pages. I've already drawn 2! I'm trying to build up my archive as October is pretty hectic for me and I'm going away for a week in November. >>; I'd rather take the time off now than in the middle of the story. <3 Thank you for baring with me!

If you're at a loss for something to read during the hiatus, may I suggest the prequel comic, Koji Takahashi [stops the world]?… :3

BG text from Sissy's Article: 

(Title Needed)
By Cecelia Dolores Rivera-Moreau
November 6th started like a normal day
at Sacred Heart High School. Students
arrived promptly at 8 am, just as the
overcast skies slowly turned to snow.
Perhaps, if school officials had listened
to the weather forecast, if school had
been canceled that day, this tragedy
could have been avoided. Or, perhaps if
the Board of Education had approved the
purchase of a new security system in 2008,
an unknown shooter wouldn't have been
able to make their way into the school.
Regardless, by 5 o’clock that evening
five Sacred Heart students had been shot
and a hundred others were left wounded.
The students who were shot were given
carefully placed mortal wounds, known to
invoke the biological process that turns
“normal” humans into dreamwalkers. 
Blamed on everything from video games
to extremists trying to increase the
dreamwalker population, these “dreamer
shootings” have become unsettlingly
common in America. The concept of
creating dreamwalkers is nothing new;
many cultures use this process for
ceremonial purposes, in some parts of the
world it’s done for cosmetic purposes or
to give children an advantage in school.
The dreamwalkers in this case were not
willing victims. 
Like many dreamer-intentional shootings, 
the victims of the November 6th shooting
were most likely handpicked beforehand.
Most likely targeted from Facebook---

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