Page 200! End Issue 6!
posted Dec.25.17 at 12:00 am

Cake for them—- but no cake for you. Ever. You get to starve.


Nightmares aren’t fun for anyone involved!


There are just so many things to talk about here!!


First, thank you for reading Anarchy Dreamers Issue 6!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it! A special thank you to my patreon supporters, especially Alex “da real MVP Australia Edition” Sorensen, for their support! <3 


If you’re interested in purchasing a physical copy of Anarchy Dreamers Issue 6, you can preorder it here! 



Second, Happy Holidays! 



Third—- When is Anarchy Dreamers Issue 7 beginning?


For anyone who has been following my adventures in 2017— you’ll know it’s been a crazy year. Tons of successes, kickstarters, conventions, classes, and freelance jobs! I’m so grateful for the support that made all of these successes possible, namely you guys! I wouldn’t be able to do all of these things without you!

That said, I’m pretty tired out… and REALLY~~ need a break. I need to take some time off and plan some cool things coming up for the next issue and the Volume 2 Kickstarter in April! SO I’ll be taking an extended break through the month of January and returning in February—



And~~ I’ll be returning with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday updates. :33

You read right! Three updates a week!! With my work schedule calming down for the winter, I’m quite excited to try this out. I can only guarantee this update schedule through the end of Issue 7, which will be, like, early May, but I think this will be a fun challenge, especially with the Volume 2 Kickstarter coming up on April 4th! 



Make sure to keep up with me on Twitter, Facebook, and IG! I’ll be posting lots of WIPs and general updates. 

See you soon!

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